Guide on tuning Monster Parts!

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Guide on tuning Monster Parts!

Post  NizKun on Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:23 am

[Firstly this is from the post of other ppl i just enhanced it] {originally by Shokuryou}

Explaination of stats and Opinions

Accel = Pick up speed and it helps u drift with faster speed.

Boost= This determine how long your boost last, the higher ur boost the greater chance u can get urself back to the top place and faster recover from crash or speed reduce after corner.

Speed= This is also very significant, but many driver ignore it. My advice dont sacrfice speed for more accel or 0.3 boost get it as high as possible it will help u alot.

Dura= Many ppl thinks this is useless, [So do i] even with high traffic it's useless because more dura cars have less accel, i suggest accel car with bad dura then try to dirft better and avoid obsticles or GET GIO GIRL FTW !!!

Cominations of Parts

[Monster Accel Part Set]

Speed = level 55+ parts with 7+ accel [This depends on ur car, if u r not a speed car get lvl 60+ if u r a speed car get 55+.]

Accel = or level 60+5 (+34) with 7+ acl [i am using this kinda of parts, and i did a calculation and it is = to a lvl 70+5] level 70(40+) or lvl 80(46+)

Boost = level 55+ parts with 7+ accel

Dura = level 1+ parts that has over 8+ accel [This also depends on ur car and ur personally driving style, if u can drift very well with only minor crashes get low lvl dura parts with high acl additions]

Turbo Launch and enhancing recommended

Monster Boost Part Set

Speed = level 60-70 0.3/0.4 [If u can find 0.4 get it ]

Accel = level 60-70 0.3/0.4

Boost = level 60-70 0.3/0.4

Dura = level 55-70 0.3/0.4

Turbo Launch and enhancing recommended

This two kinda of monster set can combine to make a ACL/BOOST SET... tats the one i am making =]

Junk Parts that are not worth buying...

  • 1mph

  • 0.2 and less 5accel and less

  • +2 to +4 speed,accel,dura,boost

  • 1% extra exp
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